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Woman asks husband to give her his free first class upgrade – and people are surprisingly on her side

A WOMAN has surprisingly gained support online for insisting her husband gives her his free upgrade on a flight.

The wife feels that, although it’s her husband’s name on the account, she is as entitled to the better seats as he is.

The woman insisted it was her turn to make the most of the upgrades (stock image)

Her husband is taller and bigger than she is, so feels he is better suited to make the most of the upgrades.

However, his wife is jealous of the food and drink he is given in the better class and believes it’s now her turn to enjoy the luxuries.

She took to Reddit to ask other people if she was right to be given a turn in first class while her husband has to suffer in economy.

She wrote: “We fly frequently together and because he gets points with a specific airline, he always has us buy together through him for points and usually we get cheaper tickets.

“Because it’s his name on the account he constantly gets free upgrades and I get left in coach. This is the third time this year it’s happened and I’m feeling a bit salty.

“He gets food and drinks…Last time he got drunk up there. Which I don’t care…But I’m honestly just jealous.

“He is quite a bit larger and taller than me and the flight is five hours. Would I be unreasonable for asking him to share this perk?

“Or should I suck it up because I benefit via cheaper flights and he’s just bigger and deserves the bigger seat?”

The woman received a lot of support from other people, who felt like she deserved to be given a go in first class.

On user said: “He makes points off of your tickets so therefore you should take turns enjoying the upgrades. He’s had three so far which makes next one yours.”

Another wrote: “If this is happening regularly during your trips, he should be volunteering for you to take turns.”

A third added: “This man sounds like he doesn’t respect you at all.”

However, there was also some sympathy for the wife’s husband from other tall people who understand how uncomfortable it can be in economy class.

One said: “As a guy who is 6’5 and bigger, if you think coach is uncomfortable for you, imagine how uncomfortable it is for him.”

Another woman was in a similar situation when she insisted that her husband give her the first class flight ticket he was awarded for hard work.

She explained that her husband was one of very few people in his company to win the upgraded flight to a conference.

He offered for his wife to join him on the trip and said that he would book her on the same flight – but in economy class as the first class ticket was so expensive.

She was furious that he wouldn’t either buy her a first class ticket or allow her to take his seat.

Not everyone was quite so sympathetic in this case.

One person said: “His company comped the first class ticket for him. What kind of wife insists her husband give up the ticket his company paid for on his behalf so she could ‘live it up a little’?”

Meanwhile, this man paid for him and his friend to fly in first class, but left his wife in economy.

And this man put his step kids in economy class, but booked his own children into upgraded seats.

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