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Woman shamed for ‘insanely gross’ behaviour on flight

A PASSENGER has been shamed online for an “insanely gross” act during a flight.

The person sat next to her on the plane watched in shock as she made a huge mess without taking any responsibility for it.

The passenger spilled her drink on the floor before moving seats and leaving it for others to clean

First the woman was seen spilling her drink all over the floor of the aircraft.

Then, instead of either cleaning it herself or telling the flight attendants about the mess, she simply moved to a different seat, as if it wasn’t her mistake.

Her stunned seatmate took a photo of the debris, which they then shared on Reddit, to shame the woman.

They wrote: “The lady next to me on the plane spilled her whole drink, got up, and moved over one seat.

“She just left all the ice on the floor and kicked her empty food carton under. That’s insanely gross right?”

Some people agreed with the passenger’s assessment of the situation.

One wrote: “Completely disrespectful. Easily could have gotten a flight attendant to assist.”

Another said: “People weren’t raised right.”

However, others weren’t quite so shocked.

One in-flight staff member revealed that they had seen far worse, adding: “As a guy that works for a major US Carrier, this is actually not that bad.”

Such behaviour is not uncommon on planes everywhere, with lots of similar incidents reported online.

One person, who remains unknown, left a massive blob of green chewing gum in the pouch for the next passenger to find.

Video footage of the sticky leftovers have been shared online – the gum slowly stretching in and out as the person recording opened and closed the pocket – with people heavily criticising the culprit.

One person suggested a vague possible identity for the offender, suggesting it was someone with notoriously offensive plane behaviour.

They said: “Gross. Bet it was a barefoot adult.”

Another video from 2020 ignited fury among travellers after a woman was caught mixing gum into the hair of the passenger in front.

The woman’s hair was draped over the back of the seat, forcing the passenger behind to try and get revenge.

Along with the chewing gum and coffee, a lolly was tangled into the hair and several strands were cut using nail scissors.

At one point during the video, a flight attendant walks past but misses what’s going on.

Meanwhile, these passengers were branded “savages” when they left a plane littered with food, cans and even a shoe.

And these passengers were shocked to discover their seats were covered in vomit.

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