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10+ Best WordPress Plugins for Business Sites 2022

As you are well aware by now, WordPress is one of the most well-known and most used content management systems for websites. From bloggers to business owners, WordPress allows users to create content in an easy-to-use format.

When it comes to running a business on WordPress, plugins provide an extension for entrepreneurs to create a more wholesome experience for customers.

In this post, we will look at 12 WordPress plugins for Business websites that will provide your business with the best experience on your WordPress site.

Must-have WordPress Plugins For Business Websites

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows users to create a library of products on their WordPress site. Products can be created from the new “Products” tab on the sidebar in the administrator page of WordPress.

Products can have pictures, prices, SKUs, categories, and tags, which allow for a wide array of applications for clients.

Furthermore, WooCommerce automatically creates invoices, allowing users to better serve their clients in a much more organized sense.

Furthermore, WooCommerce supports PayPal integration out-of-the-box, allowing an easy form of payment for users.


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2. JetPack

Growth– arguably one of the hardest, and most testing, parts of running a business. You have the million-dollar idea, but implementing it is causing you to pull your hair out.

JetPack helps to streamline this process while also giving users more peace of mind on their business WordPress site.

JetPack monitors traffic on your site and also helps to increase traffic through an avenue of processes. JetPack also monitors downtime and logins to help defend your WordPress site from attacks.

The plugin also comes with a contact form builder for WordPress that allows you to easily add a contact form to collect feedback and messages from your visitors with ease.

With business sites, content such as images tends to be heavy, which can have a tendency to slow down a website. JetPack speeds up image performance by using the global WordPress content delivery network.


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3. OptinMonster

Sites such as J. Crew and American Eagle use well-timed pop-ups notifying users of sales currently occurring on their websites.

These pop-ups mention something along the lines of “Enjoy 30% off your next purchase simply by entering your email!”.

These pop-ups allow these retailers to create an email list and send you information about their next line of clothes or a sale going on in stores.

By doing so, they are creating an information network in which they are able to contact people who are already interested in their products.

OptinMonster allows Business owners to create a similar experience for their clients, as the plugin will display a customized popup and retain the email clients enter.

Thereby creating a list of emails for you to use to spread the word about your products.


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4. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

One of the most important, yet vastly overlooked components of bringing traffic to your website is SEO, or search Engine Optimization. This refers to the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine, such as Google.

Yoast is one of the Best WordPress SEO plugins, it allows users to see a rendering of what their post or page will look like in results. This allows business owners to see if their title is too long, if the metadata is correct, and ensure all is well on the search engine end of things.

This is a necessity for any website hoping to increase its traffic including WordPress Business websites.


5. Foo Gallery

Depending on the type of business a user is running– a gallery could be important in their list of needs.

Foo Gallery, even though the name suggests something silly, does a wonderful job at creating galleries using the standard WordPress image uploader.

It is free from bugs, easy to use, and the galleries are beautiful, download it now and add a gallery to your business website.


6. Imsanity WordPress plugin

Images are a large part of WordPress sites. For small business websites, they can be the difference between a customer purchasing a product or moving to the next distributor.

By default, WordPress allows users to upload the original file of an image, regardless of size.

The issue with this is that is using storage and WordPress Hosting server resources that are not always needed.

Imsanity allows users to set a limit to the size of an image so that when an image is uploaded larger than the pre-set limit, Imsanity will resize the image automatically.


7. Admin Columns

An issue with WordPress’s default look is the content management system, especially for websites with thousands of posts and guest authors. Admin Columns brings elegance and simplicity into WordPress’s content management system.

Now, authors are able to see columns with featured images, excerpts, last modified, and word count, just to name a few. For large enterprise websites, Admin Columns will bring about a much more organized experience.


8. WP Project Manager

For large businesses, organization and communication are amongst the upmost important factors to get right. WP Project Manager allows users to create projects, assign due dates, and users for that project– all inside of WordPress.

Users are also able to message one another, allowing easy communication between people working on a project. This plugin can be useful for businesses with a large employee base tackling many different projects.

It allows businesses to stay organized all in-house.


9. Google XML Sitemaps

Another tool for improving SEO ranking, Google XML Sitemaps allows Search Engines like Google and Bing to index your WordPress Business website easily.

To do so, this Free WordPress plugin generates XML Sitemaps and that includes all links of your website pages and posts that allow Google spiders to index all required links in a much more direct and accurate way.

With more links, SEO ranking can increase thereby increasing traffic to your small business website.


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10. WP Super Cache

Speed should be the priority of any website including WordPress business websites.

A slow website will quickly turn visitors away in frustration. WP Super Cache can help to speed up WordPress site by creating static pages from a user’s dynamic WordPress page.

In doing so, server resources are saved and speed can be increased, thereby creating happier customers on a faster website. That is why you should install a caching plugin soon after you create a WordPress blog.


11. Pure Chat

Customer service is important to retain customers. One of the best ways to do this is by giving customers different avenues to contact your business.

Customers who see that a business has put in an effort to allow them to contact you with any questions will create a much better experience for them, and more often than not, customers will not even use the contact methods.

Pure Chat allows users to put a live chat feature on their website so customers can talk to them at any time.


12. MailChimp for WordPress

Email lists, as a matter of fact, are not so 2008. They allow users to connect with visitors to their websites and spread relevant information.

You should start collecting email addresses from your website visitors as soon as you create your blog.

MailChimp is one of the best platforms for mailing lists and with this WordPress plugin adding new people to your mail list has never been easier.

This plugin allows you to retrieve emails from customers from custom opt-in forms, comments, contact, or checkout form.


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