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I work in Lapland at Christmas with Santa – it’s easy to apply, here’s how you can too

A LAPLAND ranger has explained how anyone and everyone can nab a job working in the arctic circle.

In a video posted on TikTok, Lucy, who is known as _Footluce revealed she applied for her ranger job on the website Work a Season.

Lucy applied to be a Santa’s Lapland Ranger via a seasonal jobs website

The Lapland ranger spends six weeks of the year singing and dancing in the snow, visiting Santa’s Office, and spending time with huskies and reindeers – and that’s just her job.

In her free time, she hits the ski slopes and sledges in the evenings, all while taking in Lapland’s northern lights.

She said: “Here is how I got a job working in Lapland over Christmas.

“I heard about this job via a girl on a travel Facebook group, so I messaged her and I was asking more about it and she was telling me about the roles and what I should go for.”

She then explained how she applied for the role using the seasonal jobs website Work a Season.

She said: ” I applied to be a Santa’s Lapland ranger, and about a month after I applied I got invited to group interview on online and I did that.

“I also had to send a creative submission video on why I’d be good at the role.

A few weeks later, Lucy found out that she was successful.

She added: “Now, I’m here and it’s insane.”

They’re not currently hiring for Santa‘s Lapland rangers as applications normally open in June for these roles, but Lucy encouraged her viewers to apply for the role when applications reopened.

The video has had more than 54,000 views with many users clamouring for extra information about qualifications.

In another video she said: “To get a job in Lapland you really don’t need any qualifications, but what you do need is to love Christmas, like working with children, and be a positive and upbeat person.”

Lucy explained younger people had a better chance of successful applications if they’d been to Scouts, Guides, Brownies or worked in summer camps.

She said: “They’re the ones that usually get a job because they have experience and they know things like different songs and games.”

Despite this, she reassured anyone without that experience how they still stand a chance of being chosen for one of the roles.

She continued: “[a] go for it attitude is all you need in my opinion.”

The only snag is that she’ll be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – but she doesn’t seem too phased by the idea.

This isn’t the only festive job on the cards in Lapland, other seasonal work includes planning Santa trips to the area.

She encouraged anyone with a can do attitude to apply for the post

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