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Passenger slams man for not letting her go to the toilet on plane – but people are divided

A PASSENGER has sparked debate after she complained about a man not letting her get up to go to the toilet during a flight.

The woman needed the loo while in mid-air, but was sat in the window seat and therefore needed the man sitting next to her to stand up in order to let her out.

The man was sat in the aisle seat and wouldn’t stand up to let the woman out (stock image)

However, the man was still eating his in-flight meal and refused to get up.

The woman claimed to be suffering from food poisoning as a result of the plane food, but said he still wouldn’t budge.

She took to Reddit to see if other people would back her up, or to ask if she was being at all unreasonable.

She wrote: “I’m using the plane wifi to post this. There’s roughly 90 minutes left in the flight, they haven’t begun to descend yet, but they did give us some food.

“Unfortunately, said food gave me a nice big dose of food poisoning. I wanted to get out and use the bathroom, but my seatmate has not finished eating.

“I’m in a window seat, so my only way out is asking my seatmate to let me out.

“He refused because he still has food on his tray table.

“I do not have a habit of asking people to move while eating; I know that’s tacky under normal circumstances, but having food poisoning is not normal circumstances.”

The woman said that after persisting with her requests, the man eventually let her out, although he was not happy about it.

However, by that point the food had been cleared away, making it much easier for him to get up and let her get out into the aisle.

She continued: “I tried to hold on, but eventually, I had to demand he let me out, and he did.

“At this point, we were waiting for the flight attendant to take our trash, and my seatmate had finished.

“He didn’t seem too happy about it, though, and gave me a harsh look.

“The flight attendant was like 9 rows behind us but was taking a long time. It was just one flight attendant with the trash cart so I don’t blame her.

“Am I being unreasonable here?”

Several people responded to the question with support for the woman, saying there wasn’t much else she could do in the circumstances.

One wrote: “If you need it, you need it. Pretty sure that letting you out is better than if you poop yourself right there.”

A second said: “I always prefer the aisle seat, but understand that if someone in the window or middle seat needs to get up, I’m getting up.

“Here you were sick and needed to get out. You’re entitled to do that.”

However, not everyone was entirely convinced by the woman’s story.

One said: “You got food poisoning in half an hour? What was it, ricin?

A second added: “It takes 6 to 8 hours for the symptoms of food poisoning to be noticeable.”

Meanwhile, this passenger had to sit behind the “most reclined seat in history” during a five hour flight.

And this woman’s very rude behaviour prevented other passengers from watching films during their plane journey.

The woman said that she had food poisoning and felt the man was being unfair (stock image)

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