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I’m a travel expert and here are the meals you should always order on a flight depending on the airline

A FOOD and travel expert has revealed the best food to order on a flight depending on the airline.

Meals onboard flights are rarely a culinary extravaganza, but there are ways of making sure the food you get is a bit more palatable.

A travel expert recommends ordering “native cuisine” from in-flight menus

Melissa Leong, a cookbook editor and frequent traveller, told Escape that passengers should research in-flight menus before the journey – this way holidaymakers will know what to expect from a meal.

The Australian television host understood that many passengers are more inclined to opt for a more “Eurocentric” meal, but she encouraged them to try the airlines’s native cuisine – and even recommended some of her favourites from her years of travel.

She said: “Thai Airways’ curries, for instance, are really rather good.

Japan Airlines’ bento boxes are super-cute and fantastic for people who like to pick at lots of little snacks/okazu.”

Melissa encouraged passengers to eat these options because they’re often better than the alternatives.

Despite many long-haul flights dishing out free meals on their services, many holidaymakers bring their own grub on board.

She said: “I’m here to tell you nobody cares if you bring your own food.”

The frequent traveller recommended removing the food from your carry on bag and into a separate tray at airport security to help ease the process.

If you do want to bring your own food on board, Melissa had several suggestions including yogurts and frozen smoothies that are under 100ml.

Melissa also recommended packing a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks.

She said: “Our taste buds do a number on us up in the air, and it’s always a good idea to pack both options to keep you sated.

Dark chocolate, dates, almonds, vegetarian snacks and a sarnie are all good options but make sure to skip on the onions and the garlic.

If you really want to take your taste buds along for the flight, try popping a lemon or lime wedge in your reusable water bottle.

Meanwhile a plane food expert recommended avoiding pasta-based meals on the plane.

A woman revealed how she always avoids eating bad food on planes.

And one tourist has explained how she uses a free airport item to get nicer meals in the air.

Melissa also recommends taking almonds, dark chocolate and vegetarian snacks onto flights too

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