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Passenger slammed by flight attendant for using first class bathroom on the plane – but people are divided

A PASSENGER was left stunned after they were told off by cabin crew – because they used the first class toilets on a busy flight

The passenger explained that they had been travelling home for Christmas when their flight had been delayed by five hours at the airport, and for another hour on the tarmac.

A passenger was slammed by a flight attendant for using a first class toilet on a plane

The person took to Reddit to explain that the flight was so turbulent, the seat belt sign was fastened for the first 30 minutes of the flight.

In the post on Reddit the traveller said when the seat belt sign was finally switched off, the cabin crew trolley was blocking the entrance to the second class bathroom.

They said: “By the time the seat belt sign is turned off they’re [the flight attendants] blocking the aisle to the second class bathroom at the back of the plane.

“I had to pee quite urgently at this point.”

Not only had they drunk plenty of water during the delay, but they were also on medication that caused them to urinate frequently.

They added: “Seeing that the cart was still going to be blocking the aisle for a significant amount of time, I decided that I’d just use the first class bathroom instead.

“[I] wouldn’t have done so if it wasn’t urgent, but it was.”

When the passenger came out of the bathroom, they say they were met by a flight attendant.

They said: “When I get out of the bathroom, a flight attendant is waiting for me looking super p*****.

“He makes a point of blocking the aisle so I can’t move past, and basically goes off about how I’m not allowed to use this bathroom.

“I apologised and tried to explain my situation, but he wasn’t having it at all.”

They asked other users on Reddit if they were wrong for using the first class toilet but other users were divided.

One person wrote: “Understand why you nipped in there, I would have done the same, but the attendant should have patiently asked that you do not use that bathroom in future.”

A second added: “No real harm was done.”

But others users saw the situation from the flight attendant’s point of view.

One wrote: “People pay a lot of money for first class to have better amenities and service, and someone who did not pay for those amenities and services and takes them is simply stealing.”

Meanwhile former flight attendant Kat Kamalani revealed that economy passengers can use first class loos – as long as they’re not blocking the galley.

A flight expert also explained that although economy passengers generally shouldn’t use the business and first-class toilets, it isn’t a rule that is set in stone.

People were divided about whether an economy passenger was right to use a first class loo

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